rumwell-park-Adam-rous-_2921-property-management-buy-to-letAt Rumwell Park Properties, we specialise in managing exclusive country houses to maximize revenue returns for the owners through holiday and weekend letting and by hosting special events at the properties.

Lettings Management:

In addition to Rumwell Park, we manage several properties for our clients.   If you would like us to help manage your property, do get in touch to discuss.

Property Investment:

We also help clients who are interested in investing within the property market, particularly in London.


Of significant note is the article which appeared in the Financial Times in January discussing “London’s Extraordinary Demographic Rebound”


FT On-Line article of 9th Jan 2015. Accessed: 22nd Jan 2015

The article talks about the fact that London’s population has surpassed its 1939 peak and is set to continue to rise. This is at the same time as a continued and likely to be growing housing shortage, particularly at the more accessible end.

London Mayor, Boris Johnson, wants new zoning rules which will help facilitate large-scale construction of the kind of housing Londoners really need.

In short, the recommendation is that the time to invest is now. (you may need to subscribe to the Financial Times to access the original article).




If this article has sparked your interest in the property investmentmarket, or you would like us to help manage an existing property (or perhaps you have previously let one of our properties or know  the Directors) please email us adding “property management\investment” to the subject box.